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It’s Already Alright

It’s Already Alright

April 25, 2020

Let’s take a look at a Scripture that is familiar to all of us; many of us know it by heart…Psalm 23. I think it illustrates for us that it’s already alright as Yolanda Adams expresses in her song.

David uses Shepherd and sheep as metaphors. He portrays God as a caring Shepherd who protects us.

We are very much like sheep; we can sometimes wonder off and need to be led back. Psalm 23: 1-3 can help us when we wonder off and, in my opinion, assures us that It’s Already Alright. Sometime it takes reexamining something familiar, to see its total worth.

Often, in taking a closer look at something we are familiar with, it requires only using a different lens based on a current need. We have a need, and it is to grasp on to the assurance that God’s got us no matter what.

Let’s begin with the 4 verbs that gives us 5 Reasons we can know that it’s already alright: is, makes, leads and restores. And be aware of 3 very important pronouns as we examine Psalm 23:1-3: my, I, and me.

In this Psalm David was recognizing how personally and powerfully God had shown up in His life. Let’s do the same today; recognize how personally and powerfully God shows up for us.

The 5 Reasons: The Lord is my Shepherd…

He makes me…He leads me…He restores me…He leads me again.

First and foremost—The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. We, like sheep can get lost and/or distracted by things going on around us. But we have a personal relationship with the Shepherd and He’s always present. He loves us, protects us and provides for us.

Next—He makes me to lie down in green pastures…His desire is for us to relax and be calm within our space. He establishes opportunities for us to rest; we just have to do it. We can relax and be refreshed in the promises of God and find peace, calmness and tranquility.

After that—He restores my soul…Think on good things, reflect on the goodness God has shown; it brings healing to our mind and spirit. And, He leads me in the path of righteousness for His name sake. We receive guidance through reading His Word.

Reflect on and evaluate your life over the past several weeks:

How have you made the Lord your Shepherd?

How often have you remained calm and rested in the assurance that you need not want?

Have you spent more time thinking on the goodness of God or listening and looking at things that stress, distress or suppress you?

Finally, who have you shared the good news of Christ with lately?

What does Psalm 23 mean for us today? It means we can retrace our thoughts and turn negative energy/emotions into positive reassurance because the Lord is our shepherd we shall not want, He makes, leads, restores, and leads again.

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