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Updated: Jul 25, 2020



FOCUS SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 55:6…Seek Ye the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near.

ENCOURAGEMENT: God is always speaking; we just have to seek Him. I read recently that we don’t need to seek answers, we need to seek God and the answers will seek us. We can truly experience God in the way He desires if we have a dedicated and disciplined devotional life.

I heard a sermon recently and the Pastor shared 5 concepts needed for a dedicated and disciplined devotional life and I am going to share them with you. Whereas, Pastor Howard John Wesley called it a dedicated and disciplined devotional life and it is; I’ve put my personal spin on it…to say we all should have a “4 D Lifestyle” …A Daily, Dedicated, Disciplined, Devotional Life.

Start your 4 D Lifestyle today by applying the following five components, and seek ye the Lord while He may be found and call upon Him while He is near in this moment and time.

A 4 D Lifestyle Must Have:

  1. A scheduled time with God...no phone, no tv, no music and no multi-tasking. Put it on your calendar, plug it in your phone like you do your doctor appointments, dinner dates or anything else you schedule. It is scheduled!

  2. A dedicated space and place…a specific area you’ve carved out for your dedicated devotional time.

  3. A commitment to reading the Word…The Bible is our primary source for knowing God and hearing His voice.

  4. A dedicated, disciplined prayer life…We should engage in daily prayer. The more we pray, the more we align to God’s voice and we are able to discern.

  5. An open and obedient heart…God wants our yes. God can’t speak to us if we’ve already made up our mind about what we want to do.

PRAYER: Let us pray: Father God, thank You that there is nowhere I can go that is beyond Your presence. In Your presence, I are blessed beyond measure, and I thank You. You have said that You will never leave me or forsake me; You are always with me. Hear my prayer as I fill my heart and my mouth with praises to You. May Your love be the passion in my heart as I seek You while You may be found and call upon You while You are near. Help me to create a daily, dedicated, disciplined devotional life for Your glory and for Your honor. Lord, may Your joy be my strength when times are hard, in Jesus, amen.

REFLECTION: When it comes to spending daily quite time with the Lord, it requires self-discipline and that can be a tough one to master, but with consistent spiritual discipline we can grow into a more intimate relationship with God. Make it happen in your life today.

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