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June 2, 2020 By Donnella Cranford

FOCUS SCRIPTURE: This is my command: Love each other. John 15:17 (NIV)

ENCOURAGEMENT: It has been said that the world needs more love. This is truer now than ever before. We have witnessed the world’s resistance to the ways of love, and this is the time for all of us to embrace love more fully and express it more effectively by becoming love-finders. There is no greater gift we can provide each other and the future generations than for us to do the work God has asked us to do: Love one another, that the world might be made better.

It’s easy to find fault in someone else. Our egos are constantly telling us that if other people would only change, than things would be better. What we need to change is our own mind—we must seek love instead of fault with others. The God who created us is the voice of love rather than the fault-finding voice of the ego. When we listen to the voice of love, we become love-finders, and we develop holy relationships with one another, no longer pointing out faults.

The Spirit of God within each of us leads and inspires us to love one another and see love in each other. We can move forward through life shedding light and sowing peace and joy in our hearts and in the life of others when we depend on God.

What the world needs now is love sweet love; that’s what there’s too little of and we can be the change agent that makes the difference. Begin today!

PRAYER: Dear God, our hearts hurt when we see all the pain and suffering in the world. Help us Lord, to be an intervention in someone’s life by showing them love. Help us live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us, lead us to do the same. Empower us Holy Spirit, to be love-finders and not fault-finders. Lord make us all an instrument of Your love and Father, let everyone we meet or think about each day be blessed by Your love and the love we send their way, in Jesus name we pray.

REFLECTION: All of us are in need of love. As we move into the day or week, let’s be intentional about identifying at least three people, to send love to, either by a telephone call, a personal handwritten note, text, email, or however the Holy Spirit leads.

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